Favorite Sneaker

I don't have a favorite sneaker, but I do love to run around Koreatown,  Los Angeles in my Lunaracer 3's.  They are light, bright and fun, which makes me feel the same.

I'm a heel striker, so I opt for running shoes with more heel support during my long runs, but these are perfect for my shorter runs around the block.  

If you're looking for a pair of running shoes, Nike has the Lunaracer 3's on sale. Their casual look makes it easy to grab coffee or breakfast post run!  

I Juice, sometimes

I love juices, my juicer... not so much. My issue with my juicer isn't the quality, it's the cleanup. When I have to choose between spending 5min washing the veggies & cleaning up the pulp versus $5, I tend to go with the $5 option every time. 

When I do find the energy to make my own juices - or when I need to save money - I make a few juices & can them. It's also a good way to use any vegetables before they go bad.

Canning the juices is easy and keeps them fresh for about 24 hours. I bottle about 6, vacuum seal them in mason jars and pull out the fridge when I'm hungry.

Interested? What you need is below.

Ball Canning Regular Mouth Half Pint Canning Jar 8 oz. 12-Count https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HNPNNLS/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_.lldwbEGKXT2D

FoodSaver T03-0006-02P Regular-Mouth Jar Sealer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UQ428A/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_Ynldwb8TEWCNM

FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealing System, White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002FWIVCA/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_apldwb3G1B099

Have Fun.


Something that I wrote earlier this year, but appropriate for #NationalCoffeeDay. 


Good Morning Black Child,

I’m here to help you overcome 

My richness brightens your eyes,
My boldness provides hope, 
And my blackness makes you better;
Strong enough to keep you satisfied and woke
because Black children can’t fall asleep in the world 

Oh, what’s my name?
I’m coffee, pleasure to meet you

Family Tree

In two short years, my family has grown so I made a fun Brady Bunch themed family tree using photoshop.  

Sometimes you need random pointless projects to spark creativity.


Race Day Photos

I completed my first triathlon on Saturday, September 19 in Malibu, CA; one of my biggest accomplishments to date.  I thought I would be a ball of nerves, but on race day I was laughing, playing and ready to start.  I do wish i had performed better, so I'm looking forward to my next race.  

PS: I'm not 29, yet. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.05.58 AM.png

Run Through the 6, With or Without Your Woes

No, I'm not literally running through the 6; I've never been to Canada, but I did move across country and sign up to run 6mi (AFTER I swim 1mi and bike 26mi) without my woes, which should count for something.  

Did I know what I was getting into? No, but anyone can do it, even you, but it'll be easier with some advice.

1. Be Informed

First off, when I signed up to participate in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon I did not read or research what I was doing, who I was doing it for and what team I was joining. I signed up in the middle of a huge work event and a move across country so a few clicks and a digital signature confirming that I would raise $1800 for charity and I was set. 

Had I known exactly what a triathlon was, then I probably wouldn't have signed up.  I was arrogant by thinking that if my coworker was participating, I could for sure handle it.  When I mentioned to her early in the year that I was considering a move to Cali, she mentioned that she was participating in a triathlon and that I should sign up too.  Me, being me, decided that since I hadn't ran any races all year, this would be a good comeback. Always trying to one up the competition.

Thankfully I hadn't researched, because I'm not certain I would've knowingly volunteered to swim 1 mile in the ocean, bike 26 miles along the Malibu coast and finish with a 6 mile run.  Fortunately, with proper training anyone can get ready in a few months time.  Through my tri team, Team In Training,  the flagship fundraising program for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and the only endurance sports training program for charity that raises money for blood cancer research, we received a weekly schedule, support group, fundraising coach, mentor and kick ass coaches that coach you like an athlete; not like an overworked, underpaid, parent, child, friend, or employee that interferes with training.

If you're thinking about signing up READ because the commitment is intense and find a great team with people you like because you will spend a lot of time with them.

2. Train Like Lebron

I started training 7 weeks after the rest of my team so I went in with a goal to "Train Like Lebron."  What does that even mean? Basically, I wanted to take "no days off" and push myself through every workout, just like a Gatorade commercial! What I didn't realize is that Lebron gets paid to train, unlike myself, so after working, running errands, handling house chores and attempting to maintain a social life, training like Lebron took on a different meaning. Lebron is a full time athlete, but since I am a full time social media manager, when I am finished being an athlete at practice I have to go back to being an overworked, underpaid, parent (I have parented a few friends), child, friend, & employee. 

So while attempting to Train Like Lebron, it is most important to listen to your body, train hard as possible when you can and do your best.  At every training I wasn't  at 100% - I typically live in the 75% range - on so days when I could give 100%, I took advantage of it.  

3. Get Tri Friends

This is probably the most important. As you get closer to your race, your priorities shift, your thoughts/mood change and the only people who care are other people on your tri team.  Your tri friends soon become just as important to you and as the triathlon itself.  My tri friends became my former coworker and her friend on the team.  We carpooled or caravanned to every practice; which is helpful because somedays driving is the deal breaker, motivated one another on group chat (or bitch and complain about how you much hate swim practice), and hung out before or after practice; somedays my main purpose of showing up was for the pre and post hangout sessions.

Be transparent with everyone in your circle, especially whomever you're dating. Being physically exhausted on top of being emotionally available means a lot of netflix and chill, and when I had energy was usually after practice, which meant hanging with the Tri team. 

4. Stay Focused

You start aggressively training months in advance and with a end goal 5 months out, it's easy to think that you can afford to slack some when exhaustion sets in.  Also, when training 6x per week, your body and your mind are bound to go on vacation, with or without you. 

While training hard is good, It is important to listen to your body and rest when needed.  Far too often I had a "Fuck This Shit" moment and turned around on the way to practice to take go to sleep, which in my opinion, is needed.  I wish I had taken a vacation during the process to.  It would've been nice to leisurely run, bike and swim to relax for a few days.

5. Know your Goal

Finishing isn't enough.  Along the way you'll care less about finishing and more about your personal goal that you are working to achieve.

I chose discipline because along the way I had stopped seeing "giving up" as a weakness, but more of a personal choice.  I had to relearn that not giving up is just as important to listening to yourself.  Creating a plan, training, executing and completing isn't always easy, but the reward will never be achieved if you give up.

I've been living in LA for 3 months now and staying disciplineed meant not having time to meet new and connect with old friends.  You'll never realize how many things you get invited to until you are forced to cancel, only to not get invited to anything else AND learning to become okay with it.  I lost count of the number of times I got dressed for and fell asleep when sitting down to request an uber. I just hope that everyone understands when I post that finish line pic on the gram! 

6. You Might Hate Before You Love

I haaatttteeeedddddd swimiming. Swimming was my biggest challenge throughout the training and I spoke negatively about it the entire process.  Apathetic couldn't even describe me... I showed up hungover to our first ocean swim and doggy paddled back to shore, skipped out of several swim practices, cheated on my laps, and "at home swimming workouts"  meant hit the jacuzzi pool at the gym.  My hate for swimming turned into love once I went home and swam in the lap pool; I realized I was confident in the water and liked the way doing laps with older white people made me feel (just being honest!). 

I also turned ocean swimming into meditation. As I breath I recite mantras, which in the water makes me feel like i'm floating. Now that we are two weeks away from race day I look most forward to the open water swims and even purchased a wetsuit so I can keep swimming once the triathlon is complete.

I compete in the triathlon in 9 days and I'm getting excited.  Above it all, I'm going to miss organized training with a committed group of adults.  When they say that "The Tri" becomes your life, it's true.  I've already started looking at doing an IronMan with Team In Training and looking for a new hip LA Tri Team so I can sign up for my next race and hangout with some like aged/minded Californians.

- Ble.

Pre Training Ritual

In order to willingly give up my Friday night to wake up at the ass-crack-of-dawn for Saturday training was to develop a pre training ritual that I could look forward to and after leaving my wetsuit before an open water swim, I needed to streamline my Saturday morning.

I hate rushing so I wake up at 4am on Saturday mornings to pack my tri bag... while it's highly suggested to pack your tri bag the night before, I'm not at my best at night, therefore, I only spend the morning packing anyway.  Once my tri bag is packed I make a protein shake, take my vitamins and chill.  (I have runner's shits so I like to leave enough time to goooooooo before I leave my apartment.)

This probably isn't a method that coaches would suggest, but knowing that I get in my own way, I try to put myself at ease the only way I know how.


#MonthOfMahir | Tuesday. Sept 2nd.


I didn’t spend any money today. Was treated to lunch, got a slice of pizza for dinner from friends and loaded up on free entertainment that work, family and friends provided.

As I head to the airport to catch a flight to LA, I’m giving myself a pep talk to thwart any unnecessary airport spending. I always look forward to purchasing magazines (Vanity Fair & Arch Digest is an airport favorite), books and sweatshirts, but today I’m committed to limiting myself to buying fruit.

I realized it’s far easier to hinder any spending on food and alcohol when I eliminate the spending factor and associate it with health and wellness. The overpriced airport breakfast I typically would enjoy is loaded with carbs and calories, which I’m not interested in, making it easier to buy an apple & enjoy the free banana provided by Delta, because my chances of an upgrade to first (and free breakfast) is slim.


I want to become a better son, big brother, grandson, nephew & cousin. Right now I’m thriving in the “he ain’t shit” category.

Week 9: Training for the Tri

I think it’s Week 9, you lose track pretty quickly once your life becomes focused around running, swimming and cycling.  

While I am enjoying training, I’m not 100% sure where I stand.  I’m extremely comfortable when cycling, but fully aware that I haven’t had enough time on the bike.  I enjoy the swimming, but only because I find it challenging, but if I omit the challenge swimming sucks and people who can’t breathe under water should stick to land. And I love running, but haven’t been on a long run (I consider long runs 7 miles or an hour) since moving to California and growing concerned about running on tired legs and fatigued lungs.

Donate Here: http://pages.teamintraining.org/calso/malibutr15/BEdwards

My favorite past-time, drinking, has taken the biggest hit because after training (I train 6 days a week) you sometimes just want water and the alcohol doesn’t seem to have the same refreshing qualities as H20. Regardless of my pessimism towards my triathlon training and lack of drinking, I  still haven’t given up and my new LA life is still consumed with the Nautica Malibu Tri, even caught myself pondering the next IronMan competition.  To ensure that I don’t over work myself and put my body at risk, I’ve hired a trainer to track my progress, monitor my nutrition and help me focus on training that will enhance my physic and endurance for race day.  If i’m being honest, the triathlon was just a great reason to splurge on a trainer and have that extra push to stay motivated during my gym sessions.

The best part about participating in a triathlon is that I don’t feel guilty for skipping social events to focus on the things I value and, most importantly, myself.  Yesterday I did chest & abs at the gym, but skipped my run and today 6am cycling was cancelled, so I plan to run and rest before swimming at 8pm.  Everyday isn’t a perfect training day and listening to my body has been key, but listening to my heart and not giving up has been the biggest training, thus far. 

Post-It Influencer

Something amazing happened to me a few days back.  I quit my job, slowed down, took time away from work to get settle in Los Angeles, and organized my life, something I do professionally as a logistics manager, yet rarely do for myself. 

As I prepared to get organized I gathered my Sharpie’s and Post-It notes; easily  two of my favorite things in the world next to drugs and alcohol, and got to work.  Before I knew it my week was organized on my kitchen wall and I stood in amazement happy with what I had accomplished.  

As I took pictures, I remembered that I had a post-it app that claimed to take your post-it notes and digitize them.  I had already taken the pictures, already had the app, so I decided to give it a shot. The result of my post-it session left me in complete and utter mindfuck. Using the app I was able to .pdf the collage, reorganize notes, change colors and share… Un-Fucking-Believable!

Since nothing is 2015 really happened unless shared on social media, I took to Instagram & Twitter to publicly battle my commitment issues and proclaim my love for 3M and Post-It’s.  Post-It responded and now I’m waiting for an invitation to become a post-in influencer.  In the meantime, I’ll hangout on the post-it website looking up new ideas that I can use post-it notes to be creative.

Nautica Malibu Tri

I’m running my first triathlon; and I’m considering it my first because with only two weeks in I’ve invested too much money to not do at least four. 

With a coworker and new friend I signed up for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon on September 19th and i’m racing with Team for Kids raising to fight Leukemia. 

Donate Now


I signed up to race a few weeks prior moving to LA and after two weeks of training I’ve been mulling over exactly why I was racing.  I initially had started playing with the idea of moving to LA and signing up for a triathlon in Malibu was a part of me willing a move to LA into existence.  The date to financially commit was July 1 so I figured that if I didn’t move, I would have an opportunity to back out.

After moving was put into play I figured participating in the Nautica Malibu Tri would be a great way to meet people in a new city.  After signing up I could see through emails from coaches and conversations with my tri mentor (shoutout to Liz!) that this group was close and joining a supportive network would only benefit me as I navigating a new city.  I’ve been on a fitness kick for quite some time, however, my biggest regret over my 7 years in New York was not involving myself in a running network.  As I increased my running I realized that extreme fitness goals play heavily on your emotions and your extra curricular activities so having fitness friends who I could talk to was important to me.

As part of joining Team in Training we have coaches that not only coach us through our trainings and facilitate our practice drills, but also send out motivating emails that help us prepare for the week.  This week message was:

Motivation and goal settingThis is a good time in the season to start finding your motivation and setting goals for your particular race.

Motivation is something that comes from within and needs to be discovered, not invented.  Perhaps you just want to get really fit and look like a badass while doing it; for others it’s more about just finishing a race or particular distance for the first time; then we have a bunch of others who are looking to eclipse personal bests at a distances or perhaps even just one of the three disciplines.

Now is the time to start thinking through all this and then talking to your coaches about your specific goals.  We are getting to know you as athletes, know all the courses and have quite a bit of experience with this sort of thing.

In the very near future we’ll be talking to you each individually and making sure you have a plan – and mental state – that will get you where you want to go.

Your coaches for the distance,

Pete, Tim, Chris, Jeff and Liam

I was having a bad training day yesterday; I hadn’t made it out for a run and was feeling shitty about going to swim practice.  My attitude was just as shitty when I left practice as it was when I started.  I was questioning why I was doing this and starting to doubt whether or not I had made a good decision.  Raising $1800 seemed like too much money, the gear required to race was becoming way more than I anticipated and I could see how my first three months of LA was going to be centered around training and not “drinking, fucking, smoking, plotting,scheming, Plotting, scheming, getting money.”  That single email fucked me up because it made me realize that I hadn’t given this enough thought.  

After practice I talked with my “tri crew” and called it a night, but this morning as I felt much better and realized I had a reason for doing it.  While my original reasons were valid something else stuck out.  Throughout my life if things weren’t easy, I didn’t do it.  I wanted to become a lawyer and probably would’ve been a good one, but studying for the LSAT wasn’t easy so I switched my career path to entertainment PR, something that I could do without thinking. I stayed at my job as a case manager for 2 years because working there was easier than finding a job in PR, I left Roc Nation because returning to BET was more than easier (and more profitable) than remaining an assistant and I stayed at BET for years because figuring out what I wanted to do wasn’t as easy as I doing what everyone told me I was good at.  I needed to break the habit so I realized I was  running this race to teach myself discipline and commitment. Over the years I learned to be resilient and fearless, but I had also taught myself how to effectively quit and I watched myself walked away from great girls and meaningful relationships because I didn’t know how to commit to relationships that required work.

Since this blog has also been something that I failed to be discipline about and commit to for the past 7 years as I train I also intend to document this journey. 

I’m 9 week away from race day and I’m committed to my finishing. I recruited a personal trainer to help me reach my fitness goals and I hope to not only learn a lot about myself, but be better once I cross the finish line in September.

I’m still here waiting
Uncertain of where stand
Hoping you make space

i’m supposed to be writing about my experience in Los Angeles, and I intend to, but right now I’m enjoying the moment.

Hello Los Angeles

It all happened so fast, I was scared as shit, but I did it; I officially moved to Los Angeles, CA.

This moved showed me just how many people I have in my corner and I although I was headed on a different journey, I saw just how much those I surrounded myself with supported me.   

I’ve heard people describe me as fearless and I’ve often said it about myself, however, the truth is that I’m full of fear each and everyday.Acknowledging fear is not a weakness; allowing fear to hinder you is.  When fear creeps in I own it, determine the root of fear and address it head on.  

I wasn’t until I stopped burying the fear that I could learn how to get over it. I had to teach myself how to use fear as a motivational tool; a sign that I am growing, progressing and stepping out on faith to something I hadn’t yet accomplished.  

While pledging Alpha I was taught that fear is F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal so now I F.uck E.verything A.ltering R.eality.  While doing anything unconventional people will attempt to transfer their fear on to you, but why let someone’s else’s reality, affect yours.

Hello, LA!


I’m tired.

I was really late to work.  I’ve been late to work all year, but I’m happier.

I should probably consider not drinking.

I think I might need to clean my beard up and go back to haircuts.  I’m starting to think that I look like I stink… and I actually smell really good.

I just made a haircut appointment. 

My head hurts, which is why I should stop drinking.

I no longer have the juice… I stood outside of Up & Down last night for 30 minutes… Knew a ton of people going in and coming out… still couldn’t get in. 

Even though I stopped going out and lost my juice… I do love to juice.  Drinking one right now to help cure this hangover.

I have a graduation to attend tonight and I will probably look like the drunk uncle – If my day goes well, I might show up drunk.

It’s summer Friday… which really means nothing. 

I haven’t been on a run or to the gym in a while.  I don’t miss either, YET.

I’m “homeless” and enjoying it.

I’m tired.

Goodbye New York

Yesterday I moved out of my Harlem apartment. I’ve lived in New York for 7 years, stayed in Harlem for 5 years, moved within the building once, lived with two people I considered not only my two of my closest friends, but my brother & sister, threw some AWESOME house parties and got to know a lot of people in h neighborhood – will i miss it – hopefully not.

Harlem had become my safe; Living with two roommates was responsible. Yesterday I (temporarily) gave up both to chill with friends and hang out while killing time before dinner plans (rarely ever visited friends), took a long train ride to Brooklyn with luggage, and to couch surf in Brooklyn.

The result, I woke up feeling pretty damn good about my decision. I’ve always been the safe friend. The one with the apartment, the one waking up to couch dwevvllers, entertaining ‘homeless’ friends in between plans, and yes, I’ve always been a risk taker, but I’ve always been responsible & safe and sometimes responsible & safe don’t push you to what’s next.

PS: working in Manhattan and living in Brooklyn sucks. My normal express train & 20 min commute, required a bus and took me over an hour to get to work.