In February 2017 I’m joining @teamtassy on a 230 mile #RunAcrossHaiti raising funds to support #Haiti families & end poverty through good, dignified jobs and honored to use my passion for running to benefit those in need.

I learned about Team Tassy while on a run with Koreatown Run Club.  During the first #KRC run, I led the run and running alongside me was a 2015 Team Tassy member.  Three months later I found myself researching about the organization and applying for a spot on the team.

While I am excited, I’m also a bit nervous - if I’m being honest.  Not only I do have to raise money, but I have to run harder and longer than I’ve run before to prepare for the ultra-marathon. With endurance challenges, I’m always nervous about losing my passion for running or injuring myself, but knowing that I’m running to provide jobs for others is rewarding.

“Poverty is not a choice. About half of the world lives in abject poverty. Every day people are denied access to a better life simply because of where and when they were born. Team Tassy believes that the cure to poverty is a good, dignified job and has made a commitment to do whatever it takes to prepare and place the poor into jobs so that they can pull themselves out of poverty forever.”


Officially running the Baltimore Marathon happening on October 15th, my second marathon. 

Wanted to shake things up while forcing myself into being discipline leading up to my 30th birthday. With a cross country road trip, wedding, family vacation, spending time in an old city while getting reacquainted with old friends, alumni weekend and a birthday happening within the next two months, training for a marathon sounded like a good way to make sure that through all the chaos, I remain focused and clear. I could also be killing myself, but I'm hopeful I'll make it alive.

I'm excited because I'm a much better runner and have more knowledge than I did for my first.  I trained poorly for my first marathon and had no plan going into race day, so with 8 weeks till race, I think I can see a lot of progress.


New App Alert

Running While Black

One thing I did notice I was preparing to test out the new app last night was how cautious I am when running at night, not because I am scared of running or fearful of being attacked, but because I'm fearful of being accused.

Last night I contemplated whether or not it was wise to run at night and if I should run while wearing my Black Nike hoodie - was someone going to assume that I was running for health or running from a robbery?  I've never had issues with safety or police during a night run, but as a Black man I do have to keep it in my mind and decided offset my hoodie by wearing running tights and my nathan strobelight.

 Better to look athletic and cautious when running while Black.


Nike Run Club App

Nike Run Club released an update to the Nike Running app so yesterday I decided to run a couple of miles to test it out.  Hearing Coach Blue made me feel like I was at a Saturday Long Run, I liked the posters that can be added to pics, and knowing that I could leave my phone at home was nice, although I opted to bring it with me.

I couldn't figure out how to add my picture to the feed or save it to upload to Instagram, which justifies this screenshot.  Downloading the update that was available today to see if that changes.

Read up more about the app on the Nike Running Press page (the former Publicist in me always read brands press releases).

“See the fear and terror as black men run. White is right in the white man’s world, on the big white screen.”
— Robert Banks

KickBackLA + Run Mix

Recently met YoYo, creator of the KickBack LA through my neighbor. Her Sunday parties have a dope crowd, good drinks and better music than most parties i've been to in LA, so I was excited when she told me that she was planning to upload them to SoundCloud so I could make them my weekly run mixes.

Check out the mixes over on their SoundCloud today - https://soundcloud.com/user-383280443/the-kickback-la



An epic 5k running with Esther through LA’s city streets is a pretty cool way to start Sunday.

I joined Nike and CicLAvia to celebrate the spirit of sport in Los Angeles with a run beginning on Wilshire Blvd and ending Downtown LA.

The CicLAvia 5k was my first Nike Unlimited Los Angeles event of the series, which conveniently started in my neighborhood of Koreatown, and of course Koreatown Run Club represented.

The heat was insane, I was running with a hungover, and drenched in vodka sweat by the end of the run. I had planned to run Volt, but my bowels told me take it easy and Esther paced me to a solid 8min mile.

All in all, no complaints - an easy 3mi hangover run followed by Plan Check with #KRC.

Barbershop Read 💇🏾

"Al-Sayad, 23, looked both quietly terrified and overwhelmingly proud— a reasonable mix of emotions for a first-time Olympian. She is also the first Palestinian woman—and just the third athlete in Palestinian history—to officially qualify for the Games on the basis of skill rather than invitation through the International Olympic Committee's "wild card" system. She is the first Palestinian to compete in the marathon."

#NRC Long run


Started Saturday with #NRC's Long Run @ The Grove. 

Workout was 15mi or 7mi run and I opted for 7mi of Saturday's workout from Coach Blue -- "2 on the 6's" (2 minutes tempo pace every 6th minute- or 2 "on" 4 "off").

I had skipped the two prior #NRC long runs because I haven't been motivated to run long distances. With a few shitty runs under my belt I knew I needed #NRC's pacers to remind me what I was capable of. 

For me, pacer's are cool because when you can't self motivate, sometimes you need to someone to get you of comfort zone so you can fight your way to the goal. 

During my 7 miles I was reminded that it's cool to rely on and seek out the support you need and I coaxed myself into trying harder to this week; harder to eat clean, run more, smoke less, sleep more, and commit to using my time wisely in the gym.

This week not only did #NRC  keep me accountable to my run, but it reminded me to be accountable to myself. 


New Headphones Alert (@Plantronics)

I started neglecting my runs because I needed new headphones.

I've lost $800 worth of headphones within the past year and as punishment, I've been running with my Apple headphones.  Needless to say, my runs hadn't been the same and my motivation to run dissolved.

On Sunday, I knew I needed to get outside for a run and didn't want my lack of headphones to hold me back. I stopped by Best Buy and 30 minutes later, I was walking out of Best Buy with a pair of Plantronics Backbeat 3's - I got the granite style, which is a best buy "exclusive." I had been adverse to bluetooth headphones after a bad experience with ear pain from a previous pair, but with my Apple Watch & rumors that Apple is omitting the headphone jack in the next iPhone release, I opted to give bluetooth another shot.

The "geeks" at Best Buy helped me choose Plantronics based on the companies reputation with bluetooth technology,  but the biggest selling point for me was sweat proof.  For a week, I've been running without needing to clean the earbuds to improve the sound. I also am terrible with charging, but BackBeat's have made it five days and still have five hour of talk time -- it tells you how much talk time is remaining when you turn them on and comes with a case that can also give a full charge on the go.

Read up on all the features or buy your own, but either way, now that I have new headphones don't expect me to talk during runs, unless you call me so I can use the headphones. 

Running with #JustJaimi (@QueenJaimi)!

I've always wanted to have a "FRIENDS" like relationship with my neighbor across the hall and for over a year since moving to LA, I've had just that with my neighbor Jaimi Alexandar (justjaimi.com).  

We don't borrow sugar or eggs, but from time to time I come over to kill a bug, we shoot the shit, drink wine, talk about life and bounce creative ideas off of one another. Yesterday, she was talking about her upcoming projects and I was catching her up on #TREADRUN, which led to her agreeing to work out with me.

Being the creative that she is, she documented it on her IG with a video and even convinced me to return to snapchat, which she hosted a takeover.  Gotta love when your new client lives across the hall. 



Hammer(Ed) + The ASSociation

Balance is key so don't judge me. 

While drinking doesn't benefit my running and contradictory to a healthy active lifestyle, I've worked 10 days straight (most being 12 hour days) with no days off and have house guests visiting from the East Coast. I walked in the house and said I wasn't going out last night, but the vodka made me do it.

Now I can return to my normal life, study for my next certification and get back to my running groups.